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Commercial Glass Replacement in Halifax to Increase Your Business’s Appeal

What’s the first thing that attracts a customer to your business? Is it the products inside for display? Well, yes but to get a clear view of them, the glass on the window and door should be clear and transparent. A chipped glass on your store can be an instant turnoff. But don’t worry, from the lowest chip repair to heavy commercial glass replacement in Halifax, Admiral Glass & Signs guarantee all workmanship for commercial projects. With all glass repair and replacement services offered by us, we make sure you feel comfortable and satisfied. We are located in Halifax and shall do our best to give you a hassle-free service to make your repair complete quickly.


We provide storefront glass replacement and repairs along with window/doors repair and replacement. Our team at Admiral Glass & Signs can get you a complete glass makeover of your shop with mirrors, tabletops, entrance doors, insulated thermal glass units and much more.


If you have any sort of glass need or issue in your commercial property, get in touch with us for a quick solution and estimated cost.

What Do We Offer?

Our range of commercial services will cover all types of glass needs including glass framing, locks and more apart from regular commercial glass replacement in Halifax. Contact us for any of the following needs in your shop:

Thermal panes
Tempered door lights
Commercial solar film

We also offer aluminum sign boxes, banners and aluminum backed signs.

Market Yourself With Appealing Vinyl Decals

Whether you’ve opened a new shop or need to attract customers with festive sales offers, vinyl decals will come useful to you. We offer precisely cut, attractive yet cost-effective decals that can help market your products and services along with promotions outside as well as inside of your shop. We will assist you to choose from a variety of lettering and logo designs that suits your business just right.

Auto Upholstery

We offer comfortable and luxurious interior services for cars.

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